Wednesday; May 15

This is a pretty emotional week for me for two reasons.  First, it is National Police Week, the week set aside to honor the men and women who protect and serve; especially those who have paid the ultimate price and have been killed in the line of duty.  Each year, about 150 police officers from around the United States die – not protecting us from some invading force, but standing in the gap between good and evil in our own backyards.  The second reason this week is emotional for me is because it was this week in 1995 that I first became involved in Law Enforcement.  I began my “public service” career as a police chaplain in Pierre, South Dakota and have been hooked ever since! 
One of the things that I remember about my early days comes from Sheriff Kevin Thom.  Kevin was overseeing the South Dakota Law Enforcement Academy in those days and he invited me to do some teaching about the stress of Law Enforcement on officers and their families.  When Kevin was giving me my “marching orders” he told me he wanted me to “sprinkle a little God-dust on them”.  What I took that to mean was that my job wasn’t to hammer them with religion, but to let them know that God cared for them and would be there with them.  I might not be able to make everything in their careers (or even in their lives) perfect; but, as an emissary of God my job was to remind them that there is still hope in what tends to be a dark and dingy world.  I will never forget Kevin’s counsel nor the opportunity he played in directing my focus.
When we care about people and when we look for opportunities, we can touch lives.  Do we know someone who could use a little “God dust” in their lives?  Are there people who may not be able to handle a sermon – but they might benefit from a kind word or a loving hug?  If you are looking for permission to go out and do good – you have it, so go for it!
          Think About It!

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