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Tuesday; March 26

Are afraid of success?  (Yes, you read that question correctly!  Let me see if I can explain what I mean.)            Typically when we discuss fear we highlight failure.  We are afraid that we are going to make a mistake and someone is either going to discipline or make fun of us.  While this can be a legitimate cause of fear, success presents another source of anxiety because change often accompanies accomplishment.  When we succeed we may have to move out of our comfort zone.  When we succeed people may expect us to continue developing – which could lead to even more (and sometimes even more drastic) changes.  We say that we want to be successful but I wonder if we ever sabotage our success because we fear the changes it might bring to our lives.  Do we just stop trying because we have found a comfortable equilibrium?           Yes, achievement does bring change, but should we allow our potential to be governed by our ease?  Imagine what could happen if we are willing to f…