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Thursday; August 30

A while back I came across an editorial attributed to Paul Harvey that started something like, “If I were the devil ...”.For those of you who might not remember (and for the growing number of you who would have never known) Paul Harvey was a syndicated newsman, philosopher, story-teller and historian.Paul was known for his ability to blend news and commentary (and pepper in a bit of encouragement along the way).In his heyday, he may have been one of the most “trusted people” in America.Considering this background, it is little surprise that any commentary bearing his name would get a lot of attention.While there is some debate about the original source of this story, it did get me to thinking about what I would do if I was looking to destroy our world.Now, before I go on, I have to hope that I am a rank amateur when it comes to perpetuating evil, but I do have an idea of one thing that I would do.If I were the devil, one thing that I would do is merely keep the pot stirred.I would do …