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Friday; September 13

In my thought for yesterday I mentioned a social issue that is facing our nation – homelessness – and challenged us to do what we can to make a difference in the lives of the people who need us.As I thought about this challenge, it got me to thinking about something else, loneliness.If homelessness is a silent problem, loneliness is a hidden problem.By their very nature, people who are lonely are typically ignored.It’s not that they (necessarily) bring it on themselves, they just feel it more intensely.Whether they want to be around people or not, they haven’t found a way to connect in meaningful relationships.So, what can we do to help the lonely? 1.Talk to people – especially those you don’t know.When we take the time to have genuine interactions with people, we can help them feel valuable.Often, just a simple (but sincere) conversation with someone can leave them more confident and engaged with life. 2.Smile at people.When we take the time to make eye contact with people and smile at…