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Monday; September 10

I spent some of my youth in South Florida so, naturally, I was interested in hurricanes.I think it was a thought of filling up the bathtub with potable water that fascinated me, but no matter the prompt, I remember being intrigued by these massive storms.I remember getting the grocery bags from Publix (the ones with the storm tracking maps) and listening to the 6:00 p.m. newscast so we could track if/when the storm would hit.I recall my grandfather watching the barometer and adding his experience into the equation.There were fewer sources of“information” available to us back then and there was an overriding philosophy that said you can never predict a storm so as I look back, I recall us talking about the storms and planning for the storms, but I don’t recall it gripping our attention the way the storms do today. The reason for this trip back down memory lane is that I think we had less stuff to worry about when we had fewer resources available to us.It is easy to become overstimulated…