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Friday; March 9

I recently accompanied my granddaughters to a water park.Now, a superficial reading of the above statement seems to be a rather innocent (and even fun) revelation, but let me fill in the blanks.Along with hundreds of strangers, I swam, picked-up and carried two girls, climbed three flights of stairs (a half dozen times), got on and off a tube dozens of times, climbed more flights of stairs, pitched a seven and eight year old into the pool, got dunked several times, had water shoot up my nose, rode and got thrown off a body surfing ride, traversed a rope bridge, got dumped on by a huge bucket of water and climbed a few more flights of stairs in a building that was heated to 82 degree and contained 100% humidity!Yep, that about covers it.Let’s just say at the end of the day I was beat!As I walked out of the facility I was feeling a little guilty about not doing a workout until I took an inventory of my body – I may not have done a formal exercise routine, but I got a workout! I believe t…