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Thursday; October 17

For years, it seemed like morality was pretty easy.  While not everyone did what was perceived to be right, there seemed to be an agreed-on system of morays. That previous statement just seems to flow out of our minds harkening back to the golden age of behavior.  It sounds good – but in all honesty I am not really sure it was true.  However, even if it was, we live in a time where morals are not so cut-and-dried.  If there ever was a time when a majority of the people agreed on what was “right”, we have moved into a new generation where morals are fluid and standards are debatable.  At first blush, this may seem like a negative, but is it?  In a sense, we have been led to belief that morality is now a “thinking man’s game”.  We cannot merely rely on the traditions (either good or bad) from days gone by, nor can we accept all the cutting-edge changes being proposed by a society less influenced by past social norms.  When it comes to true morality, we must think about what is right and…