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Monday; September 3

Thank you ...

... to the people who work all day, every day so that I feel safe and confident when I travel to work every day.
... to the people who work all night, every night so that I feel relaxed enough to rest comfortably every night.
... to the people who sack my purchases so that I easily carry them to my car.
... to the people who take on an overtime shift so that my favorite store is able to stay open late at night.
... to the people who do inventory so that when I have to make a last minute run to the store to pick up what I forgot I know that you will have it in stock.
... to the people who smile at me in their place of business (even when I am having a rotten day).
... to the people who spend years and years planning the infrastructure that I will be able to enjoy in the future.
... to the people who are gracious enough to exchange the product that I bought by mistake.
... to the people who are willing to put themselves in harm’s way to keep me safe when I do something that puts me…