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Tuesday; September 19

After decades of dealing with a hypochondriac for a father a woman finally had had enough.  One day, as her dad regaled her with yet another illness, the daughter said, “OK Dad, I get it.  So what would you like written on your tombstone?”.  The father, with a sly smile grinned and responded, “See, I told you I was sick.”. Have you ever been around someone who makes a habit of being negative?  Let me ask another – more pointed question – are we sucking the life out of the people around us by always being negative?  Several of us excuse our negativity by saying that we are just being realists, but the truth of the matter is that pessimism is exhausting!  No, we don’t always have to ignore the issues, but when that’s our only focus, we are going to have problems.  Interestingly, negativism doesn’t just influence others, it can also produce our own internal issues.  Pessimism is sort of like a self-fulfilling prophecy – if we are focused on the problems, they will continue to mount to the…