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Friday; April 27

Jeane has been watching a video series on some of the great artists recently.Now, let me go on record that I am not an art aficionado – in fact, if the truth were told – not only do I not know much about art, I really don’t care about it.I realize that may make me appear to be shallow, but I am okay with that.Anyway, every-once-in-a-while I will sit down and kind of watch along with her as she watches the show.As I do, I usually have to ask, why is that guy famous?I can recognize some of the masterpieces and I am familiar with some of their names, but I really don’t understand what makes great art.I have, however, come up with a theory about one quality that makes a classic – death!A lot of these guys were able to sell some of their works while they were alive, but it wasn’t until after their death that their works became priceless. Now, you may be wondering why I am taking the time to comment on this.Why is a disinterested barbarian discussing art – the answer is understanding the qui…