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Monday; February 19

If you would like to feel old, just count up the number of presidents who have served during your lifetime.  For me, I am on number 12 – Presidents Eisenhower through Trump.  Now, if the sheer number isn’t enough to make you feel your age, think about it in terms of percentages – for me, I have personally lived under over one quarter of the presidents.  Wow!  Now, in an effort to balance that out, I have only seen one queen of England and somehow that makes me feel a little better.           On this President’s Day I find it interesting to look back on how our nation seems to project the personality of our leaders.  We are blessed to have a balance of government where the power is not solely vested in one person, but we cannot deny how a president’s personality influences our outlook and perception.  As I look back, I can see the ebbs and flows ... the goods and bads … throughout the administrations.           As I reflected on our chief executives, it drew my thoughts back to…