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Thursday; August 10

As I sat in my office looking outside at the rain I noticed that when the warm moist air from the outside came in contact with the dry air-conditioned environment inside it fogged up the windows.  I have seen this phenomenon often, but this time it reminded me of a life lesson.  Sitting in the office my view of the world was obscured by my environment and I had trouble seeing what was really going on outside because I was nice and comfortable inside.  The lesson was this, when we look into the world, what do we see?  While it is impossible to completely ignore our own perspective, it is important to understand that not everyone experiences life in the same way we do.  We might be able to enjoy a carefree excitement about what the future holds for us, but people who struggle with depression find it hard (if not impossible) to experience the same joy.  Those of us who are financially stable may downplay the potential impact of an economic policy, but those who are struggling to make end…