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Monday; July 22

Much of the country has been dealing with warm temperatures this week.While this is not, necessarily, cause for shock (after all, it is mid-to-late July) the expectation of hot weather doesn’t always make us feel good.In fact, this heat wave has caused many people to lament the weather – and some may have described it in not so kind words.One way that people tend to describe hot weather is by comparing it to hell.In fact, in frustration, some might even proclaim that the temperatures of last week exceeded the temperatures in hell.While that might be an attempt at a hyperbole, it isn’t accurate – and I believe it can be misleading!You see hell isn’t unpleasant, it is unbearable!Hell isn’t something that lasts for a few days or weeks, it is eternal.Hell cannot be mitigated by finding indoor air conditioning or an outdoor water park, it cannot be escaped. There are some things that tend to get a bad reputation because of how society views them, however hell is not one of them.In fact, if …