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Thursday; September 5

I had a really bad nightmare the other night.  This one was not one of my usual nightmares (the ones where I am falling off of a cliff or in a shootout with a bunch of bad guys).  In this nightmare I found myself involved in activities that – if I had been found out – would have ruined my reputation.  I remember thinking in my dream that what I was doing could have some incredibly damaging consequences.  I was never so glad as I was when I woke up and realized that I was going to be okay.  When I was laying there replying the scenario in my mind I got to thinking about what would I have done if it hadn’t been a dream?  How could I live with myself if I had done it in real life? As I look back on this dream a few things come to mind:  First, it reinforced in me the need to make good choices with my life.  Not only are there personal consequences to choices, they can also have ripples throughout every aspect of our lives.  Second, it gave me a brief insight into the lives of people who h…