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Monday; October 2

For those of you who have known me for a while you are aware of my proclivity to begin a new workout routine.  Like most people I will do well for a while, then I will fall off the wagon (or more literally – the treadmill).  Through the years I have learned a few things about myself and, when it comes to working out, it isn’t the physical activity that creates the issue, it is getting off the couch and into the gym.  Once I walk through the doors of a facility I actually enjoy myself, but my biggest obstacle is changing my way of thinking.  Sure, I want to do it and I know that it needs to be done, but I have to begin a new way of thinking if I am going to be successful with a new way of acting. What is the hardest thing about repenting?  Most of us equate “repentance” with changing what we do and, while that is the ultimate goal, it begins with a new thought process.  If we are going to overcome an addiction, we may have to revise the way we think about coping with stress.  If we are …