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Tuesday; May 1

If you do much international work, today may not be a very busy day for you.While the Labor Day holiday in the United States is in the beginning of September, “Labour Day” throughout much of the world is on May 1.This is especially true in places were historically laborers have sought relief from oppressive industrialists.A good portion of the world is “off” today in honor of employment.Now, if you happen to be from the central part of the United States, May Day has a whole different meaning.In several places around our nation May 1 is the day to secretly do something nice for someone.The most common part of the tradition involves putting candy or small gifts in a makeshift basket, ringing the doorbell and running away before the recipient sees you. What would happen if we combined these two traditions?What if we found a laborer who was underappreciated and anonymously did something nice for them?Maybe it would be to double up on the tip given to our server at the cafĂ© ... or sought ou…