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Monday; January 7

When I look back at my life, one of the things I appreciate the most is what I have been given.While I would like to think that I am a self-made-man, the truth of the matter is that much of who am and what I have is because of the work of others.Much of our freedom of religion, our church heritage or our fiscal well-being was passed on to us through the hard work and insight of our predecessors.As I contemplate this, there are three things that come to mind: 1)First, I appreciate what I have been given.I wish I could go back in time and thank those who set such an incredible stage for me, but since that is impossible, I will just do my best to live with that gratitude in my heart. 2)Second, I need to stay humble.Sure, my abilities have influenced where I am and what I have been able to do, but it isn’t just about me.It is hard to be arrogant when we realize what others have done to set us on our successful course. 3)Finally, I want to be mindful of the heritage I will leave for those who…