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Monday; March 19

I have come to believe there are three types of people in the world:  critics, fixers and helpers.            Let me see if I can explain.  Have you ever watched as people evaluate the work of others?  Take for example, a minor repair project.  When we are in the process of working on something, people will tend to do one of three things – either they will tell us where we messed up (and go on their way), they will wait until we leave and fix it themselves (in other words fix what we are working on) or they will work with us and help us complete the project.  I believe that each one of us is predisposed to be one of these three types of people – but I also believe that there is one that provides more leadership than the others.  For the most part, when we offer to help other people we tend to rise to a higher level by showing cooperation and care.  “Critics” see the problems, but don’t really help with a solution and “fixers” make things look good, but don’t teach others wha…