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Wednesday; May 16

Isn’t it nice to have people interested in our lives?Isn’t it great when people are willing to contribute to our needs or help us out with a struggle we are enduring?While the answer to both of these questions is yes – generosity typically comes with a price:accountability.When people take it upon themselves to be involved in our lives they might ease our burden, but they also tend to want to become involved in our business.Sure, it might be nice to be able to ask for and receive assistance without any strings attached, but the reality is that it usually doesn’t happen that way.When people help, they become invested in our lives – and often, they get themselves involved in our lives. The reason for this observation is two-fold.First, when we start to ask for (or accept) the help of others we must be aware of this possibility.It may not always happen, but it very well might happen.Secondly, when we accept the help of others, we should be prepared for their advice, intervention and maybe…