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Monday; March 12

When the teenagers from our church went bowling the other night, I thought I would go along with them ... after all, what could it hurt, right?  (Hang on to that thought for a moment, we’ll return to it.)  I used to bowl in league several times a month and, while I wasn’t the best bowler on the team, I did okay.  Well, that was then and this is now.  What began as a fun-filled night turned into some frustration and a lot of aches.  First of all, my mind knew what to do but my body was uncooperative.  I think my first roll was a gutter ball and, even though things got better, I constantly found myself intellectually knowing what to do, but physically unable to do it.  About mid-way through the second game I began to feel the physical strains.  By the end of the second game my fingers were hurting and when we finished the third game I was dragging – which turned into aching later that night and into the next day.  It is embarrassing to say that I wore myself out bowling, but that’s the …