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Monday; December 4

It appears that at the dawning of each day there is some type of new revelation of wrong-doing.  Whether it is a moral lapse, a high-profile criminal act or a violation of the public trust, the news is filled with information on someone who has committed acts that are either immoral or illegal.  The increasing number of public revelations in recent days might tend to lead us to ask if the rules have changed, but the answer is “No”. The truth is that rules have been in place, but have been ignored for a while and, now, there is a new call for accountability which is what has led to the fallout. It is natural to wonder if anything can be done to fix a system that seems to irreparably broken, but that negativism is misplaced.  Yes, we can fix what ails us, but the answer may not be popular.  Centuries ago, when King Solomon instructed the young “up-and-comers” in his kingdom he taught, “For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding.  He stores up sound wisdom …