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Monday; July 1

I have been trying to do better with my eating over the last few months and feel like I am beginning to make some progress.  Pleased with how things were going, last night I decided to “cheat” a little bit and have a piece of cheesecake.  Now, let me clarify that – it was cheap, frozen cheesecake.  While I was eating it, it tasted pretty good; but afterwards, I got to wondering if it was worth it.  The sudden dump of excess sugar made me feel rather lethargic, but it was probably more that it just didn’t seem to be worth the calories.  I won’t say that I felt guilty, I just felt that it was kind of a waste. As I got to thinking about my cheesecake it got me to reflecting on how many times we choose to do things that don’t bring us as much enjoyment as we thought they would.  We pursue something frivolous that costs us a portion of our reputation.  We give into a temptation that separates us from a close relationship with God or with our friends and family.  We make a choice to be invol…