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Thursday; April 19

When our young family moved to Pierre, South Dakota in the summer of 1992 we were excited about the new adventure.We had never lived in that part of the country, nor had we been so close to the workings of State Government.Living in Pierre is neat experience because, since it is the second smallest state capital in the United States, you get to experience civics and politics up-close-and-personal.Less than a year later, we became well aware of just how much of a small town Pierre was.On April 19, 1993 Governor George Mikkelson, members of his staff and business advisers were killed in an airplane crash.The community was devastated.Just about everyone in town had a connection to the incident.For some, is was a personal relationship with one of the people on the plane, for others it was through their jobs with the state.Even though it has been twenty-five years since the incident I still recall the initial hurt and the subsequent numbness that overwhelmed a small town in the Northern Pl…