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Tuesday; November 21

Those who know me now realize that I am a baseball fan – but, those who knew me as a child would have probably called me a fanatic!  I could quote a lot of baseball trivia, up-to-date statistics as well as past and present information.  I loved baseball and couldn’t get enough of it.  While this was a great way to grow up as a child, there was one drawback – I couldn’t pass a Math test based upon who much baseball I knew.  I might have even been able to impress my teachers with my baseball knowledge, but my grades in school weren’t based upon how passionate or informed I was about the Oakland A’s or the Atlanta Braves, I was judged on how well I mastered the scholastic subject at hand. Have you ever thought about how we will be judged at the end of time?  We may be the best and brightest in our profession, but that won’t be what our Righteous Judge will be considering.  We may have an understanding of the world’s philosophies, but that won’t be the basis of our eternal evaluation.  We …