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Friday; March 30

Honestly, we probably can’t delineate where the evening ended and the morning began.The process started with a betrayal which led to an arrest.The accused had His moments in several “court” hearings, then without being found guilty of anything was sentenced to capital punishment.The condemned was beaten and paraded through the streets of Jerusalem in shame.Finally, Jesus – the King of Jews – was executed in a cruel and public exhibition.Many people call it Good Friday, but it is the darkest day in history. How is our day going?Have you caught yourself complaining about something that has happened today?Does it seem that people are being mean to us or that things are unfair?Are we having to deal with issues and challenges that we did not cause but are influencing our happiness or success?Do things just seem to be out of whack and out of control? When our world seems to be a struggle, let’s take a minute and look up on that cross.When we start to feel put upon by an unfair and uncaring wo…