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Friday; October 11

Last week, the Washington Post published an article entitled, “If the president is doing it ...’:How Trump took swearing mainstream”.The article sets out to make a couple of points.The first one is to explain the rationale media outlets are using to justify publishing words that just a few years ago would have been considered unpublishable.Modern media seems to have made the decision to publish “naughty words” if they are attributable to the president and national or international leaders.To back up their claims they point out that our nation’s leaders have brought swearing out of the dark and are allowing it to be heard and seen in the light of day.Another issue broached was which came first:leaders bringing these words out in to the public or the changing mores that allowed these phrases to become publicly acceptable?Today’s modern politicians are not the first ones to have potty-mouths, but they seem to be less restrained and more quoted. Over the last few months there has been a pu…