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Tuesday; January 9

I think it is a common belief that we should judge our success by the way our efforts are received.  In essence, it is tempting to feel that if people applaud us we have done good, but if we are at odds with them, we must be doing something wrong.  While this may be society’s point of view, when it comes to righteousness, acceptance by the majority might not be a good measuring stick.  Now, before we go any further, we need to remember that just because we are out of step with society doesn’t mean that we are walking in the light (there is nothing inherently admirable in just being odd).  However, if we take a stand based on righteousness, we must be prepared to be viewed as weird or even worse, as being wrong.  Everyday life has probably taught us this lesson, but even if it hasn’t, the language of the Bible should prepare us for this challenge.  The word translated “church” comes from the Greek word that means “called out” and indicates that Christians are going to be set apart or u…