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Wednesday; May 23

I am not one of the most confident people you will ever meet.Sure, I feel comfortable in most circumstances, but when it comes to making decisions I have the tendency to second guess myself.Typically, my tentativeness manifests itself in wondering if I did the best I could do or if I offended someone by a decision I made or by the way I presented myself.There may be others who find themselves with a similar lack of confidence, if so, here are some things we can work on together: 1.Invest quality research and effective evaluation in a decision.Confidence often accompanies knowledge and wisdom.When we take the time to gather the most salient facts and make the effort to analyze them appropriately, we can be assured that we are doing the best we can be doing. 2.Realize that we aren’t going to do it perfectly every time.I think we all know this on a cognitive level, but we tend to struggle with it emotionally.We want people to respect us and since esteem comes from aptitude we don’t feel li…