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Tuesday; November 7

We live in a land of freedom.  (Now, before we go any further, I believe that we need to periodically stop and thank God for the freedom we have in this nation.  Yes, it can produce some challenges, but it truly is a blessing.)  However, having said that, freedom is not a guarantee of success.  In fact, we have just as much freedom to be wrong as we do to be right.  Just because someone has the right to say what is on their mind doesn’t mean that what is on their mind is true or beneficial.  A common phrase being bantered around these days is “fake news”, but “false opinions” are just as dangerous.  Additionally, just because we have the right to “color outside the lines” doesn’t mean that the picture we paint is a true and accurate description of reality.  Freedom is great – but, the opinions we hold must not automatically be accepted as reality.  Freedom of expression does not automatically produce truth. While we should be thankful for freedom, we must supplement it with intelligenc…