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Friday; May 11

I lost my Mom a couple of years ago to cancer, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t still with me.In fact, much of who I have become came from the influence she had on me.Even though she is no longer living, I still carry some of the lessons she taught me, such as: 1.I have value as a person.I never had to wonder if someone loved me – I knew my Mom did. Interestingly, she didn’t love me because I was a High School baseball player or a college graduate or a preacher – she loved me for me.It wasn’t what I did that made her proud of me, she was proud of me because of who I was.As I look around and see how many people struggle with wondering if people respect them I am thankful that this was one less thing I had to worry about.Mom believed I was someone and let everyone know it. 2.I have a responsibility as a person.The same mother who provided me with a positive self-esteem also worked to keep me level-headed.She reminded me of my need to treat people with respect (even her and especially …