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Thursday; June 7

I hope you aren’t like me, but every so often, I just want to be left alone.Whether it is because I am emotionally overstimulated or I am just in a funk, I tend to want to just go hide in a corner (or more accurately, in my nice quiet office).While this can cut down on the hectic environment that sometimes tends to overwhelm me, it probably isn’t the best thing for me.When I start to wrestle with the doldrums what I really need is to be around people – especially those who bring a positive spirit with them. Even if you never struggle with this type of dilemma, most all of us face the dissonance of knowing what we need to do, but being drawn to what we want to do.It might be as simple as wanting an extra piece of pie at supper or as complex as the temptation to become involved in an extra-marital affair, but sometime, somewhere most of us come face to face with having to make a decision – do we do what we should or do we do what we want.If there is good news in this, it is tha…