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Monday; May 13

One of the more controversial phrases in the USA these days is “Make America Great Again”.I am not going to discuss the pros or cons of this political marketing philosophy, but I do want to consider a portion of this statement that prompts – How Do We Make America Great?This question is not just for Americans, it is for all people who care about their community.Making a country great does not involve choosing one political party over another.Making a great nation does not merely rely on voting in an election (then reserving the right to complain about things that don’t go our way).The making of a great nation starts with a grass roots movement of caring for one another.It is about taking the initiative to do what is right under the law and what is best for our neighbors (whether they live across the street or across the continent).Making a great nation is not a slogan, it is a commitment. Most of the Americans I know (and frankly most of the people I know from around the world) have th…