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Tuesday; November 28

When people offend us, what do we expect of them?  Certainly, we look for an apology and, most of us hope that they make things right.  Sometimes this is merely accomplished with a sincere “Thank You”, but there are other times when we expect more – either some change in behavior or, on those rare occasions, some type of physical restitution.   I mean, fair is fair, right? Now, let’s turn the tables … when we offend someone what do we expect from ourselves?  For the moment, let’s not talk about those we mistakenly offend by an inadvertent action, what do we do when we know that we are at odds with others?  The most common reaction is hoping that they didn’t notice what we did, but when it becomes apparent we offended them, then what?   Most often we wait for them to approach us and ask for an apology, but is that the right answer?  Shouldn’t we be proactive in addressing the situation and finding the appropriate remedy? When Jesus reviewed the responsibilities of His people He reminded …