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Tuesday; September 10

Where were you eighteen years ago?  Many of us were carrying on with our lives without much thought about what the future held.  I know I was worrying about how to deal with a high school’s homecoming (in the midst of a major event in town) and having to work all weekend.  The people of New York City were preparing to go to the polls to select their local government.  I imagine those working the Pentagon were fussing about the Washington D. C. traffic and some farmers in rural Pennsylvania were probably discussing the weather.  Then, in a matter of minutes on the next day our lives changed.  The morning of September 11 had an impact on individual lives and changed our nation for the rest of this generation.  Not only were those in Manhattan, Arlington or Shanksville impacted; our whole nation was rocked. As I think back to 2001 I am reminded of a Bible verse, “Come now, you who say, ‘Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, and spend a year there and engage in business and…