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Wednesday; August 16

As a youngster I learned several life-lessons, but one of the most painful was that the world didn’t revolve around me.  I am sure that there were several ways I was taught this lesson, but one of the most compelling was the lack of celebrations of my accomplishments.  Now, I want to say that I grew up with a supportive family, but even they didn’t see just how great I was.  They may have cheered when I got the game-winning hit in my Little League game, but they didn’t erect a monument to it in our front yard!  My parents were pleased when I got my driver’s license, but they didn’t go out and buy me a new Pontiac Firebird.  They were excited when I went away to college, but their lives didn’t stop just because I left home to attend school thousands of miles away. As I reflect upon this lesson a couple of things come to mind:   First, we should be celebrating the accomplishments of those around us.  Not only is it a good thing to highlight another person’s successes, it gives us a reaso…