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Thursday; October 10

While there are certain professions that tend to breed negativity, just about any environment can become toxic.  Whether it is an office, family, church or classroom; unless we are committed to keeping a positive attitude things can become negative in a hurry.  Few of us want to be involved in something like this, but what can we do (especially if we are leaders) to help keep things positive?  Here are a few principles: 1.  Empathy – When we practice and promote the ability to see things from another person’s perspective we will be able create a culture of mutual respect.  When people feel understood, they are more apt to be satisfied with their environment and the people around them. 2.  Encouragement – People will respond well to those who make it a point to keep them uplifted.  When we (sincerely) praise people’s efforts and celebrate their successes there will be less jealousy and selfishness.  No, it isn’t about false praise or manipulation, it’s about helping everyone feel good ab…