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Friday; July 12

The older I get the more frustrating it can be.Come on, why doesn’t everyone know what I know?I mean how difficult can it be – I am not the brightest bulb in the box and if I know what is right and wrong, why shouldn’t everyone know it! Okay, hopefully you are still with me after that rant – I hope so because I now want to explain my point.Have we ever looked around us and wondered why people don’t get it?Why don’t they know that something is in conflict with God’s Word?How can they not see that what they are doing is socially (or morally) unacceptable?Well, maybe the reason is that no one has taken the time to teach them.I was raised by caring parents.I grew up in churches that were proactive in training in righteousness.I have been a part of communities that wanted me to be successful, so they helped me to establish appropriate perimeters to help me reach my potential.However, not everyone was blessed with my background or my opportunities.It may not be that people don’t care about a…