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Wednesday; July 25

Jeane and I like to travel.We have been blessed to have had the chance to see some neat things and experience some incredible places.Interestingly, I even enjoy shopping for our adventures – well, sort of.I like to explore what is out there on the ‘net, beckoning us to them.I get a kick out of shopping for the best deals.You can usually tell when we are looking at vacations because there will be notepads with flight details and hotel rates scattered all around the house.While I do enjoy the process, there will be a point in time in which the joy turns to angst.Have I found the best deal?Is there something better out there?Is this really what we want to do and where we want to go?When I get to this point, I kind of wish that I was content to throw a dart at the map and book the first trip I find.Sometimes too many choices can create issues. While the Bible tells us that we have a responsibility to take steps to ensure our path to salvation, the great thing is that there only one way to …