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Friday; February 22

One of the most memorable sights in U.S. history is the image of President John Kennedy’s casket being unloaded from Air Force One and transported away from Andrews Air Force Base on November 22, 1963.While there are many remarkable things about that day, that casket has an interesting story of its own.The coffin was purchased in Dallas shortly after the death of President Kennedy and had to be altered (or damaged) to be loaded onto the presidential plane.Due to the circumstances surrounding the death and transportation of the president’s remains the casket was unusable for any formal service, so it was discarded in favor of one more suitable for the occasion.But, that is not the end of the interesting story.According to records released decades after Kennedy’s death, a couple of years after the assassination the original casket was loaded onto a government plane, taken miles off of the U. S. coast and dumped into the 9,000 foot deep Atlantic Ocean.On one hand this sounds a …