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Monday; August 5

Have you noticed that there is a lot of blame being handed out these days, but have you also noticed that we are typically short on assessing personal accountability?  Folks, we have a violence problem in our society and we seem to be helpless in stopping it – or are we?  No, the changes won’t come overnight, but we have to do something.  Maybe this will help.  Let’s stop blaming peripheral people/issues and start focusing on personal accountability.  It is easy to blame violence on “guns” but no firearm has ever loaded itself and started firing!  It is convenient to blame politicians, but I don’t know of a leader who has actually pulled a trigger and killed multiple people.  (By the way – this cuts both ways ... both those who are accused of being soft on gun laws and those who have been accused of not effectively policing their own neighborhoods.)  It is popular to blame videogames, but people are not killed by a controller operating a handheld video device. As I have watch…