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Monday; September 17

Ron Howard is one of those names that most people know in one way or another.  Some might remember him as Opie Taylor on the Andy Griffith Show, others may have connected with him in American Graffiti or Happy Days and some of the younger set might recall his work as a director.  His life and influence have shown up in many types of media.  The other day I was reading some quotes by him and came across an interesting one, “I'm lucky in a lot of ways. And in my family life, my home life, is where I count myself the luckiest.”  Here is a man who has a lot of money and a ton of accomplishments, but one of the ones at the top of his list is his family.           How much do we value our families?  It is easy to feel a connection to our jobs or our social affiliations, but do we appreciate what we have in our families?  Sure, being a good husband, wife, mother, father or child can be a struggle, but it is one that is well worth the effort.  We might have a chance to make a name…