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Thursday; April 25

On this date in 1985 Coca-Cola made one of the biggest retail blunders in the history of beverage-selling.In an effort to expand their market Coca-Cola changed their popular formula and introduced “New Coke”.I am sure that there were some who liked it, but many more didn’t.In fact, instead of gaining new customers, Coca-Cola lost several of their old faithfuls.In a very real way, Coca-Cola proved that newer is not always better. The mistakes of a soda pop maker probably aren’t history-making, but it does remind us of some things of greater importance.One of the challenges facing Christianity is trying to keep truth fresh and relevant.We do not want to miss reaching out to any generation but, we must also be committed to doing what is right.Change for change sake rarely produces the desired results, but we must be extra careful when those changes can have an eternal impact.From the very beginning Jesus required that His disciples stay committed to His foundational principles including t…