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Tuesday; August 1

The other night Jeane and I spent the evening watching the of biographies of General Robert E. Lee and President Jimmy Carter.  (Yes, our lives are that exciting!)  I enjoyed the programs because they brought to light some very interesting conflicts.  Each of these men had some incredible traits and each of them endured some unimaginable struggles.  The assessment of their success is often determined by a person’s understanding of the times in which they lived and the values they shared (or despised). At the conclusion of the evening I got to thinking about the word “legacy”.  The end of General Lee’s life was played out in Western Virginia as he contemplated the role he played in the history of the United States.  President Carter’s legacy continues to be shaped, but he, too, struggled with the mark he had made after his defeat by Ronald Reagan.   These men faced the challenge of pondering their own personal use of the gifts and opportunities they had been given as well as wondering h…