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Wednesday; July 24

Last weekend I was preparing for an upcoming trip.I was excited about the travel and about what I was going to get to do once I arrived, but I noticed something about me – I was not too much fun to live with.I was rushing around trying to get everything done that needed to be done while I was gone.I was worried about overlooking something and trying to psych myself up for having to get up at 0-dark-thirty to catch my plane.In essence, I was thrilled about the opportunity, but I was pretty wound up about getting there.I found that through the process, not only was I influencing my mood, but I was also having a negative impact on the people around me. Has anyone else ever had this experience?We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead, but we make ourselves miserable trying to get all of our ducks in a row.We anticipate what is possible, but we suck the enjoyment out of ourselves and the people around us while trying to reach the goal.This is something that is a possibility whe…