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Monday; March 5

There has been a lot of talk lately about making new laws to protect us from one another ... but, I wonder if that really is the answer to our issues.  While I fully believe the government has a responsibility to do what it can to make this as safe a place as possible, the mere presence of laws don’t guarantee safety.  We have laws prohibiting murder, but people still kill people (some even kill dozens of people at a time).  We have laws against sexual assault, but people are raped or illegally touched every day.  We even have laws banning speeding, distracted driving and drunken driving, but negligent crashes kill people every day.  Yes, we need to good laws – but we need something more ... in fact, we need two things: 1.  We need to be obedient to the laws that are enacted.  A law or rule is only as valuable as those obeying it.  We can outlaw anything and everything, but until we are willing to follow the regulations they don’t achieve their purpose.  Sure, enacting a law …