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Monday; November 5

I have new favorite college football team.My time in Orlando gave me a first-hand look at the University of Central Florida program and the way Scott Frost developed a winner.With the coming of Josh Huepel (a South Dakota kid) I have gotten swept up into the Knights community.Oh course the “high octane” offense and 21 game winning streak hasn’t hurt, either.While I have jumped on the bandwagon, I do so with an understanding that UCF will not be in a positionto get into the College Football Playoffs. It may be frustrating that a team that could go two years without losing a game will get locked out, but that is the way it is going to be.It may not be fair, but it is the reality.Now, I could become frustrated and get all worked up about it or I can sit back and enjoy some fun college ball and – if or when they get a chance to play another top tier team – hope that they will be able to show the detractors how good they really are. The reason for this revelation is to make a statement – no…