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Friday; December 7

How will people know that we are Christians?Well, according to a song (and a scripture) they will know us by our love, but there is something else that can help people recognize us as disciples of Christ – compassion.While we are quick to talk about the power and teaching of Jesus, a trip through the New Testament would not be complete without a look at compassion.Jesus demonstrated His compassion when He cried with His friends, Mary and Martha, at the loss of their brother Lazarus.Jesus was known for His ability to heal people’s ailments, but it was His heart that lead Him to them.So, if Jesus was compassionate, what does it say about those called to be His disciples? The New Testament discusses a lot of things Christians are required to do, but one that cannot be overlooked is compassion.We must be willing to notice people who are in need and be moved by their condition.Whether the person’s need is fiscal, physical or emotional disciples of Christ should have the capacity to see it a…