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Tuesday; May 8

I really enjoy many of the modern conveniences of today’s world – including the availability of information.Earlier in my life, if I wanted to do some type of investigation it involved buying (and reading) a reference book or going to some type of library to research the information.Today, with a few clicks on a keyboard a wealth of information is at our fingertips.While this has its benefits, it also has its drawbacks.Because there is so much information is out there it is easy to find the “type” of information that suits our needs, then all we have to do is forward what we find (often just copying and pasting someone else’s work).We don’t have to “think”, all it takes is repeating another person’s thoughts.While this can lead to plagiarism, I am also worried that it is having an impact on truth.We don’t have to research, process, evaluate and reiterate things in our own words ... all we have to do is highlight, Ctrl+C, paste and send!Is it any surprise that we are struggling with “W…