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Friday; July 19

If you are familiar with the overall theme of the Old Testament, you are probably aware of the multiple storylines that occupy its pages.The start of the Old Testament contains the story of the beginning the world and the fall of man.Much of the material deals with the selection of Israel as a redeeming nation and the avenue through which God would go to provide a Savior.The history of Israel has its ups and downs where during one era the nation is flying high as God’s chosen people then, in the next, they are being disciplined for losing their focus.Interestingly, it is during this time when we see that the Jews not only struggled with their relationship with God, they also lost sight of the commitment to decency.In fact, in justifying His involvement with the Jews the Lord cited His disapproval by how they had ignored His commands, but interestingly is wasn’t just their worship He didn’t like.In working through a prophet Jehovah reminded them of His standards, “Thus has the Lord of …