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Monday; April 8

Well, Spring has finally sprung.  As I drive around town I see the incredible deep colors of the tulip magnolia trees, the freshness of the dogwoods and the brightness of the daffodils.  Yet, one of the most impressive sights this year are the cherry trees.  Washington D. C. may get the fame and the tourists, but our trees are busting with color!  As I thought about the warmer weather and bright colors I got to thinking about how great it would be to be able to enjoy this year round ... then reality set in.  First of all, my allergies would keep me on constant medication, but more simply, without the effect of the other seasons on the plants we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the Spring blossom. Wouldn’t it be great if our lives could be joyful and carefree all the time?  Just think about how much better life would be without stress and hardships.  On a surface level this might be a pleasant thought, but even if we could live on Easy Street would we enjoy it (much less develop as a result of…